Mark Wahlberg may be an Academy Award nominated actor, but one thing is for sure, this is a guy that didn't forget where he came from. He took time out of his day this week to give us a tour of his first job. It was at the Stop and Shop on Newport Avenue in Quincy, but Mark qualified it by reminding us that the store was relocated across the street years ago. He worked at the old location, making "three dollars and sixty five cents an hour."

He remembers that he took his drivers ed classes right up the road. "The day I turned 17 I got my driver's license, and I bought my Pontiac for $200 from Lappens Auto Parts. "Remember, my hustle started right here at Stop and Shop."

Wahlberg then took us on a tour of the new store, quickly jumping back into his former role of bagging groceries to see if he still "had it."  He certainly did!  Without a beat, Mark recognized that a woman's oranges might be a little heavy for the brown paper bag and suggested a good old fashioned double bag.  He bagged the bread separately so it wouldn't get crushed by the other groceries.

The women swooned as Mark worked his magic. One Stop and Shop employee hugged Mark like a mother would. "He's doing a lot of good in this world, this young man," she said.

Mark may have fumbled on his timeline, however.  He mentioned at the beginning of the video that he worked at the Quincy grocery store in 1998.  By that time, Wahlberg had already had a 1991 number one hit with "Good Vibrations," which he performed shirtless at Fun 107's Whaling City Festival Show.  We've got the picture to prove it (note the Fun 107 logo behind him).

Courtesy Shona Norman
Courtesy Shona Norman

He had already posed in a 1992 Calvin Klein underwear ad that Maddie quickly said she remembers vividly, and he'd already starred in the 1997 movie Boogie Nights.  Needless to say, by 1998, Mark Wahlberg was not still showing up to work at Stop and Shop.  He obviously meant to say 1988.  It's all good though.  We're all mixing up our decades as we continue to get older, Mark.  You're not alone!


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