News of Hannah Strom’s involvement in the Holy Cross Crew accident has hit her little seaside hometown hard. If you ride around Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester and even Wareham, you’ll see little purple and red hearts plastered throughout the towns. The hearts are meant as a show of support for the Strom family as their daughter battles back from the tragic accident early last week.

The accident left one of Hannah’s teammates dead, 10 others seriously injured, and Marion’s Strom family spinning as they try to deal with their daughter’s recovery while running their very popular business on the Wareham-Marion line. Kool Kone has been a staple in Wareham for decades, and that’s exactly where Tom Strom was slapped with the news about his daughter’s accident.

Brianna Viera is an assistant manager at Kate’s Simple Eats. “The Strom family is a big part of our community, they come in for lunch all the time," she said. "I think the restaurant just wants to show how much we sympathize with what they’re going through and to let them know that they are supported by the community.

All day today, Kate’s Simple Eats and the Marion General Store are teaming up to donate 15 percent of their total sales to the Strom family. The catchphrase around town is “Strom Strong.”

A banner drapes across the highway overpass in Marion so that when the Stroms drive back home after visiting Hannah at Mass General in Boston, they will see it and know that their community loves them.

“It’s one of the beautiful things about living in a small town like Marion,” says Viera.

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