Mariah Carey and Miguel hit the road on a motorcycle and get romantic in their video for '#Beautiful.'

They play a sultry couple, with her clinging to his waist while atop the cycle and nuzzling his ear and neck. The action continues with her dancing suggestively for him, dressed only in a slinky yellow mini dress, while he is perched behind the driver's seat of a sweet, cherry red set wheels.

She is illuminated by the headlights and he can't take his eyes off of her.

The video relies heavily on the power of suggestion, stasis and motion, and we're voyeurs.

Carey's hubby Nick Cannon might have been on set to supervise, since Mimi and Migs are that believable as a couple. Christen 'em "Mariahguel" now!

The song, which combines an early '90s Mimi vibe with the classic, vinyl Motown sound, has a summery vibe, as does the video. It's hawt and '#Beautiful.'