What's better than a night full of margaritas? A night full of margaritas AND mimosas! Get ready Bay State, because such a night is coming to Boston and it's time to throw down.

I have to admit, it wasn't until recently that I got into margaritas. I think my first few margs were just a little too tequila-y for my taste, and that threw me off, but once I tried a proper marg, there was no going back. It's now one of my favorite drinks. Mimosas, on the other hand, are a certified classic. While they arguably taste better in the morning or even in the early afternoon, you seriously can't go wrong with a mimosa, and it's pretty much impossible to mess up the OJ to champagne ratio. Just let your pouring instincts take over, and it'll always taste good!

If you're a big fan of both margs and mimosas, well, hold onto your horses because this upcoming night was made for you. Wicked Events is hosting the Boston Margarita & Mimosa Fest on July 24 from 2 to 8 p.m. Featuring seven different bars and restaurants in downtown Boston that haven't been announced quite yet, participants will have the chance to barhop and enjoy a variety of delicious drinks for special, discounted rates.

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Early bird discounted wristbands for the first 300 people cost $19.99. After that, tickets increase to $25.99 until July 13, when they increase again to $27.99. Group rates are also available if you're planning on hitting the town with your crew! Wristbands will give you access to $4 beers, $4 mimosas and $5 margaritas at participating locations during the event.

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