I consider myself a thrill seeker and I rarely back down from a challenge. So when Richard Romero of Mirasol’s Café challenged me to a hot sauce tasting, I was ready.

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous. Spices and I don’t really get along. But my competitive nature won this one, and I was ready for the challenge.

Mirasol’s is best known for the CHiPPi, a super-charged, caffeine lover’s dream, but I was shocked to learn about their extensive menu, filled with high-quality Mexican fare.

Richard takes pride in fresh cuisine. He worked hard to create three different types of hot sauces that would satisfy an array of spice lovers.

While we chatted through Instagram Live, I lined up my hot sauces from mild to ridiculously spicy and Richard did the same.

First up was the Jalapeño Cream, a mixture of jalapeños, cream, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese.

Richard was kind enough to send me home with bread, yogurt, milk, and honey to cool down my palette, and I had it at the ready as I took a bite out of my ciabatta covered in the sauce. A combination of parmesan and lemon-filled my mouth and it was delightful, but it wasn’t long before the burn set into the back of my throat.

Up next was the Green Hot Sauce, made up of jalapeños, green Thai chile peppers, poblano peppers, and serranos. After one bite, there was an explosion of hotness in my mouth.

I was starting to sweat, but I had a challenge to finish, so I pressed on to the final hot sauce, called Salsa Diablo.

Habaneros, scotch bonnets, red Thai chile peppers, and dehydrated ghost peppers hit my tongue and I was overwhelmed with spice. My throat was on fire and I quickly reached for the honey and I poured it in my mouth, attempting to douse the fire. If you look close enough in the video, you’ll see fire coming from my lips, I swear.

Needless to say, the hot sauces at Mirasol’s Café pack a serious punch. It was definitely spicy, but the fresh ingredients made for a tasty experience.

Now I challenge you to add one of these sauces to your next Mirasol’s order. Find them on Route 6 in North Dartmouth or try out their online ordering here.

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