What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say the name Macklemore? "Thrift Shop?" He has been one of those rappers that have stood the test of time. He really prioritizes his family over his career, which is extremely admirable.

One example of how dedicated he is to family is that he will be headlining "Mom's Weekend" at Washington State University next year.

While we know Macklemore's number one priority is his family, his passion for music still lives. He has a studio in his house that he dips into and continues to produce music.

It was a complete surprise to open my email one day to a new song from Macklemore. He has been one of those artists that maintains his credibility while still making some amazing quality music with strong messages.

Even more surprising is that the song is a holiday one. Macklemore has never been shy about his love for the holidays. This song, which is called "It's Christmas Time," gives me the feels for sure. It has all the makings of a hit Macklemore song with all the things about the holiday season to which so many can relate. The image to promote the song is simply a family holiday picture.

Warner Records
Warner Records

You can't find it anywhere on the internet, because it doesn't officially come out until later this week. But I'm playing it today because I couldn't wait to share my excitement about the song. It's pretty freakin' great, especially for a holiday song. It's going to play on my "Wicked or Whack" today so if you want to get a first listen, open that Fun 107 app at 3 p.m.

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