If you're not following Macaulay Culkin on Twitter, you may have missed his live tweeting of the Academy Awards...and the Patriots dig he threw into those tweets.

Culkin stated before the Oscars broadcast that he was going to be live tweeting the show, but wasn't actually watching the show.

He then ripped off numerous tweets for several hours, mocking lots of things (including himself).

Macaulay Culkin twitter

And in the midst of his decently funny tweets, was a dig at the New England Patriots.

Why, Macaulay, why?

I'm just going to assume Culkin in an Eagles fan, cause his joke about Best Original Score was this...

Macaulay Culkin twitter

Not cool!

Best Original Score actually went to French film composer Alexandre Desplat for the “The Shape of Water," which also took home Best Picture and Best Director for Guillermo del Toro.

And if you (like me) missed the whole show...get the full list of Academy Award winners here.