It's a question that I've been asked quite a bit in the past few weeks. Maybe you know this about me already, but if you don't, before coming to FUN 107, I spent 5 years working at a country station. Working in that atmosphere meant that I not only listened to a lot of country music, but I got to see a lot of concerts, went to a lot of events and do the things that those who love country music do, like line dancing for example.

So, now here I am at FUN 107. Another thing you may not know about me, I used to work at a Top 40 station too! So I've spent my fair share of time dancing away at the club, staying up way past my bedtime to watch the Beyonce special on TV in its entirety, and loading up my iPod with Rihanna's entire song catalog to keep me movin' on the treadmill.

The big question is this, which type of music do I prefer? It probably seemed as though I loved country music, and that's because I did and still do. So what about Top 40? Do I love that too? The answer is actually simple. I love both types of music, equally about the same! I grew up on Top 40 music, I've been a fan of artists from Madonna to NKOTB to Lady Gaga, all of my life. As I got older, I discovered country music, and realized that I love that too! So when people ask, which is it, are you a Top 40 girl or a country gal? The answer is BOTH! I love music in general. One day, you can see me singing along to a Britney Spears song just as loud as I would to Tim McGraw the next. So there you have it, I'm just a big fan of music, all of it!