Seems we are some very lucky food shoppers here on the SouthCoast because one local supermarket chain was ranked among the best by Consumer Reports.

When it comes to buying food, knowing your local market is one of the cleanest, has the best food quality and variety and some of the most helpful staff is awesome news.

And that's just what Consumer Reports gave shoppers on the SouthCoast.

Local fav Market Basket has just been named the top local chain in the entire NorthEast.

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The research organization rated 96 different grocers across the country and judged on 13 market attributes. Among them were cleanliness, price, food quality and variety, checkout speed and staff helpfulness, selection of healthy options and locally produced foods, and variety of international and multicultural foods.

And in all of that, Market Basket came out on top.

In fact they ranked among the top six highest-rated markets in the entire country. The only nation chain to do that was Trader Joe's.

Price was the biggest bragging point for Market Basket shoppers.

Aldi also got high marks in the price department, though overall did not ranked nearly as high as Market Basket.

Supermarkets among the lowest ranked? That would be Walmart markets. They got decent marks for price, but terrible marks for customer service.

Shaw's also ranked poorly overall according to Consumer Reports research.

So despite the sometimes crazy atmosphere and almost always busy stores, Market Basket is definitely worth the trip every time.

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