An anonymous patron of the New Bedford Public Library stopped by with his tail between his legs because he had to drop off overdue library books. He was so embarrassed to return them over a year later, that he left a note and a generous donation as an apology.

New Bedford Free Public Library Facebook
New Bedford Free Public Library Facebook

"Dear Library,

I found these in a box in my basement. They must have gotten packed away when we moved. There are six books here, which I'm sure are overdue by a year or two. I've enclosed a $20 donation. I hope that helps make up for the last time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

The most embarrassed guy to return a book ever."

The library was gracious for the donation but enjoyed the laugh more than anything. "Thanks, Embarrassed Book Guy - Your note made our week! (P.S. Don't worry - you don't need to be afraid to return overdue books!)"

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