Even though the weather has been un-summer like, we are just days away from officially kicking off the summer months. I'm excited to get some beach days in for sure. But with those beach days comes safety and, well, lifeguards on duty.

It looks like Boston is furthering their lifeguard training to include information on how to save someone who is experiencing an overdose. If you have ever been or know a lifeguard, you know that you can be as young as 16 and get certified. Imagine being that young and having to learn how to help someone who has overdosed from opioids. So, the just over 100 lifeguards working the Boston metro area beaches that are managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will have lifeguards that have been educated on how to respond to an overdose on our beaches.

I'll admit, I have seen people use recreational drugs on our local beaches, Horseneck in particular. We live in different times for sure and I do feel like this may be necessary. I do think that education surrounding drugs and their effects is beneficial for young people to learn. I wish I had been more educated on what can happen when you use some of these drugs. It's scary.

What do you think about having lifeguards in the area educated on how to help someone who may be experiencing an overdose on our public beaches? Are tougher security checks needed to check for drugs before people enter our public beaches?

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