Graduation Day 2017 will be a memorable one for high school and college students all over the South Coast, but even MORE memorable for the graduates of Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School in Taunton.  Or is that "Tauton"?

You have to look closely at the diploma to even notice it, but Taunton is spelled wrong.  The person who typed up the diplomas left out the first 'n' on every single one of them!

I talked to Danielle Dalton who just graduated from BP Tech. I asked her how she noticed the error.  She told me, "I never noticed that it was misspelled until I looked on Snapchat and saw people freaking out so I went to go check to see if mine was also spelled wrong and it was."

She continued, "I honestly wasn't surprised and I actually laughed. At graduation they even ran out of diploma booklets and had to hold up the ceremony and had one of the guidance counselors run to the office to get more."

The school is planning on re-issuing corrected diplomas to the 315 graduates.

Definitely a day to remember for Danielle.  She told me, "I'll never forget it... and I'm going to keep the misspelled one lol."

Bristol-Plymouth Regional High School serves the cities and towns of Berkley, Bridgewater, Dighton, Middleboro, Raynham, Rehoboth and Taunton.

Here's a closer look at the typo:

Courtesy of Danielle Dalton
Courtesy of Danielle Dalton

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