Can You Spot The Mistake?
Graduation Day 2017 will be a memorable one for high school and college students all over the South Coast, but even MORE memorable for the graduates of Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School in Taunton.  Or is that "Tauton"?
You have to look closely at the diploma to e…
Parts Of June 6 SAT Will Not Be Graded
Due to a printing error, sections of the SAT college entrance exam on Saturday, June 6, 2015 will not be graded.
However, officials stated that the students will still receive scores for the standardized test.
Yankees Commit Error
It is always hard to see a fan favorite go to another team especially when they go to the Yankees. Jacoby Ellsbury became the most recent Red Sox to make the dreaded move to pinstripes to the tune of a whopping $153 million.
Last night, Ellsbury made his debut in the Bronx...