Mental illness was already a serious issue even before the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among our veterans. One local brewery wants to help our vets in a very different way.

Before you start yelling at the veterans of Berkley Beer Company in this photo, you should probably know this picture was taken before social distancing. Most recently they are raising money for vets with virtual beer tastings and still raising money for American Legion Post 121. They aren't the only brewery in the state doing this. Craft'd Company in Boston along with a few other breweries are raising money for Bees for Veterans.

If you have a relative who is a veteran, you know the daily challenges that come with post-traumatic stress disorder.

A group has gotten together and found that beekeeping has actually helped veterans deal with their trauma. I have had grandparents who were there for Vietnam that clearly had battles with this trauma and had no outlets other than the local bowling league. The beekeeping program seeks to give veterans an outlet, something peaceful that can hopefully help with their trauma.

A Honey Black IPA is being featured, with proceeds going to help the veterans in this program. Get the connection? Honey IPA, bees?

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“Bees for Vets: Quiet Mind Therapy “ brings beekeeping to Veterans with PTSD. In follow up to our Virtual Beers with Brewer with @craftdcompany , we had spoke about our @blackaleproject. Veterans from Berkley American Legion Post121 and the Bee Informed program of Bristol County helped brew the Honey Black IPA: a portion of the proceeds will go to the group project. They are setting up a bee training yard for Veterans with PTSD so they can learn beekeeping as a means to help with their PTSD. You asked how you could help in addition to buying the beer!We reached out and donations in the form of a check can be made out to the American Legion Post 121 with a note in memo “Bees for Veterans”. Mailing address is: 80 Myricks Street Berkley, MA 02779. Thanks for your support!#berkleybeercompany #lovebees❤️

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I read that about 38 percent of Americans that are working from home are drinking while they work, and their beverage of choice is beer. So here's a way you can do that while supporting these vets.

While I'm deathly afraid of bees, I have a feeling these vets will do fine with them, having faced more threatening enemies.

I'm definitely curious about this Honey IPA. I may have to see if I can get some ordered for pickup.

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