I've spent two nights in my new place.  One was quiet, relaxing and peaceful, and the other was very, very scary.

Over the weekend I moved into a cottage located on the ocean shoreline near Mattapoisett. It's on top of solid concrete pillar and it's so close to the ocean that you can actually hear the waves while inside...Very relaxing and peaceful.

However, at about 2 o'clock on Monday morning I woke up to an incredible sound of howling wind and huge waves crashing onto the shore. Then, I felt the cottage rocking.  It felt like I was on the water rather than next to it.

The place is fairly new and I couldn't help but wonder if it's ever been exposed to winds gusts of near hurricane force. I don't mind saying that I was very nervous. The wind then seemed to die down a bit and I tried to get back to sleep.

In the daylight I noticed that part of the neighbor's roofing shingles were missing and that there was debris all over the neighborhood.  I'm hoping that the initiation to shoreline living was a one-time only deal.

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