Cole is a local five-year-old boy who has a heart three sizes too big. Not literally, but the kindness this little guy has shown for Max the miniature horse would make anyone shed a few tears.

We found a bag of small bills, coins, and a few horse treats outside our radio station yesterday morning. There was a note attached, and we all got goosebumps when we read it. "Can you please make sure this gets to Max? I apologize for all the change, but it's my son's $ that he has been saving for over a year to someday buy a 4-wheeler. But he lost his one-eyed pony a week and a half ago - His heart still aching and tears still falling. We couldn't save his Cowboy. He hopes this will help save Max."

Deborah Bell-Devlin / Facebook
Deborah Bell-Devlin / Facebook (Cole with his pony "Cowboy")

After wiping away the dust from our eyes, we let Max's owner know about the small gift left for him at the station. Julie Nightlinger posted this on her Facebook page: "I am so overwhelmed with all the love that we are receiving! This has touched my heart so deeply though. Cole you are an amazing boy to do this for Max! The world is very lucky to have someone like you! ‪#‎savingmax‬"

It is safe to say that Max is blessed and has a few great people in his corner. We might see a Christmas miracle this year!

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