It's not unusual for older folks to have random pieces of Americana stored in their basements.  Oftentimes, they make the best yard sale finds!  Records, books, photos, and posters, can be a treasure trove and offer glimpses into our past.  It is unusual, however, to have a piece of Americana this large in your basement:  an actual artifact from the days of Lincoln Park.

It was just a normal feature of Phil Fryer's basement when he was growing up.  He and his friends would constantly play skeeball.  The machine was the real deal, saved before the wrecking ball took down Dartmouth's Lincoln Park.  Fryer estimates that the skeeball machine is at least 75 years old.

"Both of my parents worked there when they were young.  They actually met there," said Fryer.  "They were friends with Lincoln Park's owner, so when they were closing down the amusement park he gave one of the skeeball machines to them."  Frozen in time, the skeeball machine has sat in his parent's basement since 1987.

The skeeball machine is powered, but it only lights the number in the game.  Power isn't necessary to use it.

For some reason, the sign shows both 5 cents and 10 cents a play.  Maybe the price went up at some point?  Inflation is nothing new, I guess.

The Fryers are interested in selling the skeeball machine to someone who collects Lincoln Park memorabilia.  Anyone interested in making an offer can contact Phil Fryer at (508) 717-2711.

Courtesy of Phillip Fryer
Courtesy of Phillip Fryer

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