A Connecticut woman's ill-fated night leaves more questions than answers with her solution to her power being out.

WCVB reported a particularly interesting story this morning. A severe storm swarmed the Constitution State Thursday night, wiping out power for many residents in the state. During the power outage, one woman was scrambling around her dimly-lit home to find a candle.

As if it were straight out of a Looney Tunes episode, she went to light the "candle" she had found and was greeted with a fiery fate:

She accidentally sparked up a quarter stick of dynamite, rushing her to the hospital when the explosion left her with less fingers than she started the day with.

I have so many questions here. First and foremost, who besides cartoon characters and gold miners have dynamite laying around their house? If you don't have a decades-long feud with a road-running bird, there's no logical reason behind owning dynamite in the modern age.

Secondly, even if owning dynamite was a normal thing in modern day culture, why is it stored where this woman assumed her candles were? I'm not putting rat poison in my seasoning cabinet or one of those bottles labeled with a skull and "XXX" next to the milk in the fridge. How does this happen?

Let this be a lesson for all of you. Before you go to light a candle for a romantic dinner or mood lighting before bed, look before you light. You could end up like this:

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