Ever since the news broke back in April that Level99 in Natick was expanding with a second location at Providence Place, people have been eager for it to open.

As the weather cools down across the area, interest in the new challenge venue seems higher than ever.

For those unfamiliar with the epic venue, Level99 features challenge rooms, player-vs-player arena-style competitions plus scavenger hunts and mazes to keep guests entertained for hours.

No wonder we all can't wait for it to arrive in Providence.

When Does Level 99 Open in Providence Place Mall?

When we originally spoke with Level99 President & CEO Matthew DuPlessie in April, he told us a fourth-quarter 2023 opening was the plan. That would mean doors opening in the next month or two, but things seem to have changed for the challenge venue.

Despite signage at the new location indicating a fall opening and a Zip Recruiter ad for a general manager going up a month ago, Providence Place Mall management tells us the new venue won't be open in 2023 at all.

They indicated a January 2024 opening was the current timeline, presumably due to the all-too-common construction delays and supply chain holdups.

Obviously, when you are turning thousands of square feet of former JC Penney retail space into a football field-size challenge venue complete with food and beverages, there is a lot of construction to be done.

Fingers crossed that the schedule stays the course and we are all enjoying the new Level99 location this winter.

Can't wait to explore the new Level99? Then check out the challenges from the Natick location below.

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While we wait to see what all new adventures they have in store for their upcoming Rhode Island location, check out the challenges people have been tackling in the Natick Mall since 2021.

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