It was an bittersweet day at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket yesterday.

Truck Day 2020 took place with a larger than usual crown in attendance at McCoy. That's because it was the last truck day the baseball stadium would see now that the team is being relocated to Worcester.

Even babe Ruth's granddaughter came out for the occasion. Wow.

Pawtucket Red Sox Facebook page
Pawtucket Red Sox Facebook page

As usual the gear was packed up in semis to make the trip down to spring training in Florida.

But not usual was the sadness people felt about it.

For baseball fans, truck day is the sign of a new season. A good omen that baseball is coming.

But for fans of the PawSox this year's truck day was also a sign of things coming to an end.

The first of many lasts you could say.

Fans gathered to watch the trucks get packed, to take picture with Sox and Paws and to write messages to the team on the side of the truck.

Pawtucket Red Sox Facebook page
Pawtucket Red Sox Facebook page

And for those that couldn't actually make it to McCoy to watch the trucks take off, there was a live stream of the event on the Pawtucket Red Sox Facebook page.

Fans watched there by the thousands, wishing the team well, commenting on how much they'll miss them in Pawtucket and one even asked if Paws would be up for adoption at the end of the season.

Good point considering the new team won't be the PawSox, so how can they have a Paws? Though he is a polar bear, so he could make the transition to Polar Park quite nicely.

Only time will tell.

But for now, it is the first of many lasts for the 2020 PawSox and as a former Pawtucket resident I can say it's a bummer.

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