Kristen, our LIVE Events Coordinator here at FUN 107, got me thinking about something I loved as a kid.  When it snowed, I loved to get my ski pants and boots on, and find the nearest hill that I could go tubing down.  Sleds are so 1941.  I'd rather go down with a tube.  You just go faster.

So I hear around the office that Paris Hilton has made "moon boots" popular again.  I had a pair when I was 7.  They were gray with that velcro strip on the side, kind of similiar to what Napoleon Dynamite wore in the movie.

Randall Cottrell, flickr
Randall Cottrell, flickr

I see nothing wrong with finding a pair of those old 80's Moon Boots and rock those bad boys on the hill.  I just have to find those and adult sized ski pants in my size, which is near to impossible.

What do you think?

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