Lady Gaga commandeered NYC and the 'Good Morning America' studio this morning (Aug. 19), arriving in a vintage black convertible Cadillac. Her hair was short and swept back in a Princess Diana style; her outfit consisted of a white, two-piece bodice paired with sky high brown booties.

She was on hand to premiere her 'Applause' video (which you can watch here), telling the world it's about her fans and confirming that she will open the VMAs next Sunday, Aug. 25.

In the interview, Gaga revealed how tough it was for her to go dark while recovering from her hip injury, saying, "I love performing so much -- it was challenging to stop. That was the hardest part, not seeing the fans, not performing, not playing music."

Gaga explained her new and varied looks, saying that she is obsessed with transforming, since that is a magical thing.

She also took care to point out that 'Applause' is more about living for fans than for the concept of fame. "It's not that I live for attention," she said, debunking the myth that she is obsessed with being famous and being Lady Gaga. It's not all "me, me, me," all of the time.

It's about the interaction and it's about the fans. She continued, "I live for making you happy." So all the critics that say that 'Applause' is narcissistic and self-aggrandizing, take that. It's about the monsters, not their mother!

She explained that 'ARTPOP' is a language and a method of communication between her and her fans, since they speak in images via digital means, hence the motherboard-like chair from the Haus of Gaga photo shoot and on which she sat on during her 'GMA' chat.

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