Actress Kristen Bell found herself and her family stranded at Boston Logan International Airport earlier this week.

It's been an interesting summer for air travel and it seems no one is immune to the wrath of delays and cancellations, including Bell, husband Dax Shepard and their children.

A nine-hour delay earlier this week had Bell looking for nearby hotels. All of them had no vacancies. The closest with an opening was 50 miles away. So, the airport it was.

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This was definitely not The Good Place.

"We made quite a home here," Bell wrote on a picture of her with a toothbrush in her mouth and anguish in her eyes.

Kristen Bell Instagram
Kristen Bell Instagram

The family spent hours at Logan and hundreds of dollars to create a makeshift bedroom there in the terminal until they were kicked out of the airport late Wednesday night.

Bell eventually found a friend of a friend in the area that let the family crash in their attic until they could get on their delayed flight.


Having been at Logan around the same time, I can honestly say I walked by this famous family and thought nothing of it. There were families sprawled out all over the place, especially in terminals B and C.

It does beg the question, though. Why not fly private? You are Kristen Bell, star of Frozen. It seems Bell and her family, who share much of their glamorous and not-so-glamorous lives on social media, are a pretty humble group for not pulling the Do You Know Who I Am card and going through misery like the rest of us.

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