David McNew/Getty Images

Kraft Foods has issued a recall for about 6.5 million boxes of original flavor macaroni and cheese. Here's how to find out if yours should go.

According to Kraft millions of boxes that were sold throughout the US, Puerto Rico, as well as some countries in the Caribbean and South America may contain small pieces of metal.

All of the boxes being recalled have a "best when used by" date range of Sept 18, 2015 through Oct 11, 2015 and are marked with the code "C2."

The recall covered 7.25 oz boxes that were sold individually as well as in packs of three, four and five.

Kraft Foods said on Tuesday that they were aware of eight incidents where consumers found pieces of metal in their boxes, but that they had not yet been informed of any injuries. They say you should not eat the mac and cheese if you have one of the above labeled boxes, but should return it to the store you bought it for a full refund.