If you've ever had surgery, you know the feeling. That feeling of anxiety right before you're scheduled to head into the operating room can be overwhelming.

Now, imagine if you were a child heading into surgery. You are surrounded by strange-looking machines and instruments. There are big people wearing masks and odd-looking clothing. It even smells scary. You don't want to leave your mom and dad. You want to be anywhere else but in that pre-op department.

If possible, it could be even worse for parents, who have to helplessly watch as their babies nervously await surgery.

Now, thanks to the Friends of Jack Foundation, there is a major distraction for kids. Children at St. Anne's Hospital will now have the option of driving a Power Wheels car to the operating room. The cars were unveiled this morning at St. Anne's Hospital, and they received some rave reviews from the little drivers.

Friends of Jack Executive Director Jilline Fearons told Fun 107 about her interaction with two moms this morning at St. Anne's.

"She was so nervous until this little car showed up," said one mom. "I cannot thank you enough for this."

A second mom stressed that her daughter would never have the opportunity to drive a Power Wheels car if it wasn't for this new program at St. Anne's Hospital.

The cars were provided by the Friends of Jack Foundation, whose mission is to "support the physical and mental health and emotional well-being of children in crises in the greater SouthCoast region."

Fun 107 partners with the Friends of Jack Foundation to organize and promote Food For Tots, a campaign dedicated to making Boston Children's Hospital doctors locally available to children on the SouthCoast.

To find out more about the Friends of Jack Foundation, visit friendsofjack.org.

Friends of Jack Foundation
Friends of Jack Foundation

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