This little girl is inspiring. She may not know what she wants to be when she grows up, but she's already well on her way to becoming a kind human being.

Kennedy Marie Claire Zussy (she made sure I knew that she had two middle names) is only six years old. She loves to read and her favorite book is Dolphin Tale 2. When she heard her parents talking about how some schools in New Bedford do not have libraries, she felt bad for the kids who didn't get to take books home and read.

That is why she asked her mom to help her collect books and donate them to the city's schools. While her initial goal was only 100 books, she has donated 2,517 books since she started back in May.

I love to read. Books let me go wherever and whenever I want. It's important that Kennedy knows how special she is to want to share her love of reading with other kids. If you'd like to help Kennedy by donating gently used books to students pre-K up to high school, please email her mom, Shannon, at If you are on Facebook, you can message her HERE. Or you can drop them off at the radio station before Christmas.

Thank you Kennedy!

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