We headed out on our 5-6 mile kayaking adventure on the Saco River in New Hampshire and as we got close to the end of our trek, we looked up and caught a train over us.

We were enjoying our day on the river along with the several other kayakers, tubers, canoes and campers. The river was calm and the water level was pretty high compared to last summer when we did it. It's one of the most peaceful activities I get to do on vacation and I wish I could do more of it during "normal" life.  It's time spent with my boys and my husband that I cherish.  If we get to do this together even just a few times each summer, I'll be a happy mama bear.😊

Anyhow, just as we were paddling underneath a train track over pass (if you will) we thought we heard a train coming but said to ourselves, "No way, it won't happen just as we are underneath."  First of all, I thought the track was too old and out of commission.  I didn't think it looked operable. I asked my husband who was in the kayak in front of mine to start recording that this train was coming.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be underneath train tracks while a train is moving, here it is.

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