Kanye West is at it again and this time you wont believe what he did on stage at a recent concert.West is always open for any kind of publicity stunt and as we have seen in the past he has a habit of opening his mouth and saying the something inappropriate .Today, he is coming under fire on social media sites over his recent outburst

While performing at concert he suddenly stopped and  refused to continue until everyone would rise from their seats. He demanded the audience get up and chanted  " " I'm not going to continue until you people are on your feet "  he continued to scream  " I wont do this song until you are all on your feet

He scanned the crowd and began taunting two people who were seated and unable to stand , Dispatching two security guards to find out why two fans werent standing and then was heard saying  " They better be in wheel chairs or something like that "  what happened next may surprise and disgust you