Colin Kaepernick may be poised to announce a return to the NFL, but the rumor that the New England Patriots are part of that discussion is nonsense to me.

Sure, Kaepernick’s lawyer wants you to believe the Pats or the Oakland Raiders could be the new home of the former Super Bowl quarterback, but I just can’t think of a scenario where the Patriots would need to do this, despite what B Mo may think.

Now, this doesn’t have anything to do with him kneeling, or being outspoken against what he perceives as social justice issues he wants to use his platform as an NFL quarterback to address.

Instead, this has everything to do with Tom Brady playing well and Brian Hoyer waiting on the bench—so why a third quarterback? Especially when what the team could really use right now is someone for the current QB to throw to, not another QB waiting in the wings.

To me, this smells of Kaepernick’s lawyer trying to generate media coverage by picking the team most connected with President Trump, and alleging that they are in fact looking to bring the controversial player on board.

I think it’s all hype with very little reality behind it. Other Patriots reclamation projects like Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Albert Haynesworth or Chad Ochocinco were because the players filled a need in New England, and had (or at least once had) elite-level talent that Bill Belichick felt was worth the risk. Would Bill risk the distraction of having Kaepernick in Foxboro just to have him be inactive for most games as the third quarterback?

But if Kaepernick’s lawyer is just trying to get people talking about his client’s return to the NFL--he has definitely nailed it.


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