Well, well, well the rumor mills are swirling with the one and only Colin Kaepernick possibly becoming a New England Patriot.

Yesterday, Nancy chimed in with why she doesn’t want Kaepernick on the Patriots. But I think she’s wrong.

First of all, the irony of Kaepernick being a “Patriot” is simply delicious. His haters will be fuming, and his supporters will love it. I’ll just love the drama.

But really, though, could it work out? Would Kaepernick fit with the Patriots? We all know he wouldn’t be coming here as a starter, because well, Tom Brady exists. That leaves us with the question, is Colin Kaepernick an upgrade over Brian Hoyer? I say absolutely, 100 percent, yes.

First let’s look at athleticism. There’s no doubt that Kap is far more athletic, and as far as arm strength and accuracy goes, they’re probably on par with each other. Oh, and let’s also not forget the fact that Kap has Super Bowl experience.

But why bother? Well, Tom Brady is Tom Brady, but how long can he be Tom Brady? How long will he even be here? We’ve already heard reports this week that Tom is tired of Bill and wants a “divorce.” They said Bill wasn’t quiet about the fact that he’d rather be early than late at the quarterback position. Maybe he’s ready to move along from the Brady era. It happened to Montana.

Kneeling or not kneeling, adding Kap couldn’t hurt. We all know Tom is a competitor. He hated knowing Jimmy Garoppolo was behind him, ready to go. Kap could give him a similar motivation. I just don’t see where it could hurt.

Bring it on! Kap the Pat!


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