Justin Bieber turned some "mistakes" into fun and games at a Canadian show. Despite all that meltdown talk, he exhibited a jocular and playful personality with his stage crew, making it seem like he's doing better.

In the first video, which you can view above, Da Biebs' tech crew forgot to tape a pick to the back of his guitar for when he performs 'Be Alright.' So Biebs had fun and turned it into a game show, making his crew dudes toss a pick to him while he was in an elevated arm. It wasn't easy to get him the pick due to his location on a riser, but he eventually got what he needed. At least he had fun during a mini-mishap.

First, he asked Dan to throw him picks, but he couldn't throw them high enough. Scrappy, another crew member, saved the day and JB caught it. That's athleticism right there.

Other pop stars might have thrown a hissy fit and stormed off stage, but not our Biebs.

In the video below, Biebs also experienced a malfunction with the line and the rig that transports him via the wings onstage. He "wasted time talking" trying to get his crew to fix the low-hanging safety hazard. The line isn't supposed to droop as it did and he joked that he could have fallen while "flying."

Bieber was in a playful and goofy mood during this segment, engaging the crowd and considering his own safety and theirs during the brief lull in the show.

He then launched into 'Catching Feelings,' which he has said is one of his favorite 'Believe' tunes.

Watch Justin Bieber Tease Crew + Perform 'Catching Feelings'

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