By now, most in the Tri-Town and Wareham area have heard the heartbreaking news about Hannah Strom. Hannah, a rower on the Holy Cross Crew team, was one of the victims that were seriously injured in this week's deadly crash in Florida. One of Hannah's teammates, Sophomore Grace Rett, was killed upon impact by an oncoming pickup truck.

Hannah's parents Gail and Tom Strom are the owners of the popular Kool Kone on Route 6 in Wareham. Today, Strom's employees have announced that they will be donating all of their tips to the owners.

"We are doing it because of what he has done for the community.  He's given so much to everyone else in year's past, nobody deserves it more," said Melanie Zachamy, the manager on duty Friday.

Kool Kone has been a perennial sponsor of Fun 107's Food For Tots program in addition to giving to countless other charities.

"I was the only one here with him when he got the phone call on Wednesday," said Zachamy.  "All Holy Cross could tell him was that his daughter had been in a 'horrific accident.' He was pacing back and forth but was very quiet. He and his wife, Gail, weren't able to get on a plane down to Florida until late Wednesday night, then had to drive over an hour once they landed."

As of last night, Hannah remained in a medically induced coma with a breathing tube. She is recovering from a broken femur, a broken pelvis, a partially collapsed lung and had undergone eye surgery to repair a gash in her eye.

"There's been an outpouring of support from our customers," Zachamy said.

"We'll have all of the specials today as advertised except the corned beef and cabbage. None of us can cook a corned beef like Tom," she added.

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