For as long as I can remember, I've been a sports fan. I've watched and played all kinds of sports, but I'm having fun watching and learning a new one.

Not knowing the rules and strategies for your kid's sports has its advantages. I know a lot about football and baseball and a decent amount about hockey and basketball. For me, being clueless about my kids' sports helps me keep my mouth shut and offer much less advice on the way home in the car.

I first experienced that with high school volleyball, and I'm currently experiencing it with my daughter's college rowing team. I am still learning the terminology, and most certainly could never begin to offer any strategic advice whatsoever.

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My daughter's home races are on the Charles River in Boston. Could anything be more collegiate? She begins each day on the water with her team. The sun rises over the city. The crisp air forms condensation on the trees. It looks like the opening scene of any Boston-based college movie. Every day, my daughter sees the City of Boston from a viewpoint many Bostonians go their entire lives without.

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The river has long been associated with rowing. The annual Charles River Regatta attracts thousands of competitors and spectators yearly. At-home rowing company Hydrow records the bulk of its athlete-led rows here, too, bringing the beautiful sights and sounds of the Charles to homes nationwide.

The Charles starts in Hopkinton and snakes through more than 20 cities and towns to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rowing is a strange sport to watch in person. You can either pick a spot on the course and watch from the shore or, if available, stand on a bridge over the water for a better view. Either way, you are probably going to catch no more than 20-30 seconds of a great view of the person you are cheering on. But what a rush it is.

That's also the best part of watching the sport.  You can easily zip in and zip out.  You don't have to commit your entire day to supporting your athlete.

One piece of advice? Dress warmly. The wind can whip on top of those bridges.

Bring a bullhorn and a team flag and signs if you want to be extra.

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