We all know that Justin Bieber wants to be the next Michael Jackson. That's not news. But it's not lip service. The Biebs and his manager Scooter Braun revealed that the pop singer literally models his career after the King of Pop's, making the same decisions he did.

No, that doesn't include the Neverland Ranch, Bubbles the Chimp, too much plastic surgery, marrying Lisa Marie Presley, dangling his son over a balcony or sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. It's more along the lines of moonwalking. But make no mistake. The Biebs isn't copying directly from the King of Pop. Rather, he is using him as a guide. Despite all the ancillary drama, Jackson did have a long and rather successful career, especially in his teens and early '20s, which is where the Biebs is now.

In an interview with Maclean's (quotes courtesy of Hollywood Reporter), the Biebs said, "I model my career on the decisions Michael made and how he kept his young fan base and kept his private life private. All those things add up to me. That made him super interesting."

Braun qualified his client's statements, saying, "It’s not that Justin wants to be Michael Jackson. But his thing is, if Michael was the greatest, then why not look to him? You’re supposed to study the greats, their successes and failures." That's a smart and a fair way to assess it, Scoots!

PopCrushers, do you think Justin Bieber is wise to emulate the late, great King of Pop?

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