There was lots of head-turning this morning as New Bedford commuters made their way to work after the holiday weekend. The Charlie Hunnam movie Jungleland was filming at Pa Raffa's in New Bedford.

A member of the crew told Fun 107 that the scene will be very brief in the final cut of the movie, and that the crew has a major shoot this afternoon in New Bedford's South End.

We were speculating this morning about what part of Pa Raffa's we'd use if we were shooting a movie there. I offered that the most unique feature at Pa Raffa's is their takeout window. So our prediction is that the takeout window will somehow be used in the scene.


There's still no word if the movie will be actually set here on the SouthCoast, or if the movie makers are simply using New Bedford and Fall River as the backdrop for the boxing film.

If the movie calls for Charlie Hunnam's character to actually be from New Bedford or Fall River, we here at Fun 107 would like to offer our services. Often, when a movie is set in a particular city, scenes that involve driving in a car might have the local radio station playing in the background.

For example, in Ben Affleck's movie The Town (set in Boston), the sports radio station up in Boston was playing in one of the cars used in a bank robbery.

We'll be waiting right over here for the call!  LOL.

Pa Raffa's is closed today for the filming.

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