So, we all know that Justin Timberlake is awesome!  He can sing, act, dance and he's super funny!  This past week he showed us another one of his many awesome traits; his caring nature. 

E! News is reporting that while at San Jose, California's SAP Center, where his 20/20 Experience world tour had made its latest stop, Timberlake made a move no one was expecting.

It turns out that in attendance was a special little fan.  8-year-old Julian Delan, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in 2013, was there cheering on one of his favorite people!

Apparently, when his fellow JT fans realized that Julian was their celebrating his birthday they began to call out to the pop star in hopes that he would acknowledge the little guy for a brief moment.

Well once JT realized what was going on, he took it a step further and led the whole area in a rousing rendition of happy birthday, in honor of Julian. The moment was one that didn't leave many dry eyes in the crowd.

Things like this are what should be celebrated and noted, not all the stupid things that celebrities do.  I'm sure that moment will be a highlight for this little guy for years to come and something he can always hang onto.  It was a classy move by JT and showed just another amazing quality he has to offer!