This year has been the year of the Jonas Brothers. They officially made a comeback, one that will probably go down in history as being one of the most successful boy band reunions.

They continue to sweep the nation with their Happiness Begins Tour, including coming back to our area in November.

Although they have been busy touring, they did manage to take some time to throw their vocals on a recently-released Diplo song.

Diplo is going to jump on the country music train and throw a lot of country influences into his next album.

This song has a little twang to it if you listen closely. I feel like this hint of country is the forward trend of music. The music industry has realized that these cross-genre songs are what we want to hear. Lil Nas X was just the first example of it.

I'm not sure EDM producer Diplo will be able to cross over into the country realm anytime soon but I think this song is a great start. If you missed hearing the song on the air, here it is:

It's interesting to hear the Jonas Brothers talk about being lonely since they are all married and forming families now. Still, the song is pretty good. Did you catch the country twang? I don't know how country music fans are going to like an electronic vibe creeping into their sound.

What do you think? Another smash for the Jonas Brothers? Does Diplo need to just stick to his EMD music?

Time to tell us: is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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