Recently, we mentioned how we don't think there's anyone busier than the Jonas Brothers right now. They're overseas performing one night then back in the states another night and then jetting off to Asia the next. Yesterday, for example, they performed in Amsterdam. After the show, clearly not ready to call it a night, they headed out to a local pub for some fun of their own.

I found the coolest clip of them partying in a local little spot singing a traditional pub song you would only hear in Amsterdam, with Joe, Sophie and a bunch of pubgoers singing along having a grand old time.

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Amsterdam Cup of Joe episode has my favorite person joining me @sophiet

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This weekend they're back in the U.S. performing two nights in New York City.

Sunday's episode of American Idol will introduce a new set of contestants hoping for their golden ticket to Hollywood. However, the auditions are brought to a standstill when judge Katy Perry detects a strange gas smell.

However, the most dramatic part of the preview comes as first responders rush the building as judge Lionel Richie remarks he can now smell the leak from outside.
As a paramedic begins checking over Katy, she slowly slurs that she's "not feeling good" and collapses onto the pavement. The preview ends there and we think it's completely over the top. C'mon, really? I've got to say, I could tell that out of the three of them, I think Luke Bryan did not like this idea of a bait-and-hook preview promo. But if you're into it, watch the dramatic conclusion when American Idol returns to ABC at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Better Call Saul also returns this weekend with the premiere of Season Five and it's been a while. The AMC show, which is one of TV's most critically acclaimed dramas, returns after the fourth season ended in October 2018. Needless to say, fans have been anxiously waiting to find out what's going to happen next.

The show is back this Sunday night on AMC at 10 p.m.
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