A New Bedford teacher has realized a dream: She's about to publish a children's book.

Jessica Silva, a kindergarten teacher at Carney Academy, has always wanted to publish her own book but also felt like actually sitting down to write in the hope someone would want to publish her work would be way out of her comfort zone.

Jessica, who has been teaching for 14 years, decided about six months ago that she was going to at least learn about the process of writing and then how to go about getting a book published.

Well, guess what? She has accomplished what she thought was out of her reach.

This week she's releasing a children's book, "The Grumpiest Frog on The Log."

You might have noticed by my tone that Jessica and her partner Sara Mello are dear friends of mine so I share in the excitement of this accomplishment.

With a cute title like "The Grumpiest Frog on the Log," I have a feeling the book will fly off the shelves.

Here's the official description of the story:

Freddy lived on a log with two of his friends. While his friends loved singing and dancing, Freddy did not! Freddy was grumpy all the time! One day, he decided to leave the log. He finally found a log that was perfect for him! However, it wasn't as perfect as he thought it would be.

An official book signing is taking place at Cisco Brewers Kitchen and Bar in New Bedford on Wednesday, Aug,10, 5 to 7 p.m. Limited copies of the book will be for sale that evening but the book will also be available on Amazon.

“I am so proud of Jessica," said Sara, who has supported Jessica every step of the way. "She pushed herself out of her comfort zone to learn something new and worked to achieve her dream.”

Congrats, Jessica. I can't wait to read your new book and see what else you write and get published in the future. It's just the beginning.

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