Who would ever expect a lost dog to be found after it was missing for a month?

The world that reality TV star Jesse James lives in stopped when his pet dog Coco ran away in Newport, Rhode Island back on July 19.

Fortunately for James, the Newport Police Department came to the rescue with amazing news:

James instantly took to his Twitter and Instagram, putting a spotlight on the Newport officer who never gave up searching for Coco. What an incredible story of survival from a dog who was left for an unfortunate fate that leaves so many open questions. About 25-30 days stuck, trapped, scared, and alone in a basement with no food or water. How is it even possible that Coco had the willing fight to stay alive?

With a flight booked back here to Rhode Island, James plans on returning to his beloved dog as soon as he possibly can to reunite once again. The Newport Police Department has since then transferred Coco to an animal hospital to get looked over. She is malnourished and weak, but is expected to make a full recovery soon enough.

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