We're going back, back to the future, or the future is back? I don't know, but these shoes are crazy.

The Celtics won a thriller Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors and Jayson Tatum was doing it in futuristic style. In the game, he debuted the new Nike Adapt BB. What the hell is that? It's legitimately a self-tying sneaker. Well, it tightens itself to fit similarly to what tying your shoes would do.

According to WCVB, there are electronic motors in the shoe. Those motors will tighten the shoe for you and adjust during the game. This is bananas.

You adjust the shoe by a button on the side which glows or just use the app they've made for your smartphone.

As far as look, I think they leave a little bit to be desired. I don't think they're the most glamorous-looking shoe and quite honestly look a little strange, but maybe that's just because I'm used to my shoes having laces (or velcro from those single-digit-age days). Of course, the first iPhone wasn't exactly the most beautiful looking thing either, I suppose.

If you're looking to grab a pair, you'd better save up, because the future in footwear costs $350. Innovation comes at a premium.

It's insanely cool and really interesting, but for $350 I think I'll settle for tying my own sneakers for now.

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