The iconic shark movie is heading back to theaters to celebrate it's 40th anniversary. So where can you see Jaws on the big screen again?

On June 21st, Steven Spielberg's classic 1975 film is going to be back in theaters so fans can watch Jaws terrorize the Martha's Vineyard coastline on the big screen all over again.

But interestingly enough, not too many theaters here on the Southcoast are showing the movie.

Though there are 500 theaters nationwide participating in the 40th anniversary showing, you have to head to Swansea, Plymouth or Providence to see Jaws for yourself.

Yup, those are the closest theaters showing the iconic movie that was actually filmed a whole heck of a lot closer than that.

Tickets are going on sale today however, so if you do want to see the larger than life shark in the theaters again, you probably want to nab those tickets early. With limited showings and limited theaters, it could be something that sells out fast.

Here's where to get your tickets...

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