Well, look at us, Massachusetts! The rest of America wants to be us! I mean, in theory anyway. After all, they have to be wondering why we are just so awesome given the fact that the Bay State is 2022's Best State to Live In!

WalletHub recently did a study to find out where every state ranked on the list and wouldn't you know it, Massachusetts finished at the very top of the list. While we know there are plenty of factors for this, let's see some of the research as to how we got here.

Some of the determining factors to find out where each state ranked are such things like a balance between cost of living and job opportunities, along with safety and quality of education. Of course, an individual's personal preferences also come into play when it comes to weather, recreational opportunities, and attractions. So which one of these makes the Bay State so attractive for anyone looking make a move?

Statistically, in the major category of 'education & health', Massachusetts finished at the very top, which was a key in weighing its overall score in the end. We also finished 6th in 'quality of life' and 10th in 'economy'. The Bay State also has the highest percentage of insured people and the 5th lowest average work hours per week. That's pretty impressive!

Of course, I just happened to move here within the past few weeks. Looks like I made a pretty awesome decision so far!

New Jersey and New York finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, to round out the top three. Mississippi, Alaska, and Louisiana finished in the bottom three counting back from the bottom.

You can click on the map below to see where other states finished on the list.

Source: WalletHub

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