It's happened to you. It's happened to me.  Someone has the entire street to park on, but they park in front of your house.  Then, they don't move their car for days.  It's an annoying situation, but can you do anything about it?

We once had a neighbor who parked in front of our house for a week.  Each day, we grew more and more annoyed.  This person had plenty of spaces in front of his house.  Did we do something to upset him? Is he mad at us for some other reason?  Is he making a statement by parking in front of our house?

I've lived in residential areas and city settings, and whether you are on a busy street with limited parking, or in the suburbs with plenty of street parking, there are laws to abide by, even if you are ticked off at your neighbor for parking in front of your home.

Here's what you should know, at least in Massachusetts.

Every town has its own rules, so check your local parking rules, first of all.

As for the Bay State, it is not illegal to park in front of someone's house.  If it's a public street, you can park there.  However, drivers cannot park in front of driveways blocking residents.

If someone parks in front of your home for more than 72 hours, you can generally have the vehicle towed, according to, but you should to attempt to talk to or warn the vehicle owner.

In the long run, it's best not to have bad blood with a neighbor over a parked car. Try to have a conversation first before you take action, and check your local parking laws.

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