You're driving along, having a pretty good day, and then bam!  You and another vehicle collide.  After making sure everyone is alright, the next steps could save or cost you a whole lot of money with your insurance company.

High emotions can play a big part in being involved in or witnessing an accident on the road.  That's why High Rise Legal Funding just completed a survey about the most common mistakes people make when in a traffic accident.

The most important thing is to stay calm and don't panic.  Take a deep breath and don't say "I'm sorry" or apologize for anything.  The accident may or may not have been your fault, but if you apologize, you open yourself up to the other person realizing you are vulnerable, and they could pin it on you.

The survey indicates absolutely do not say "it's my fault".  Admitting guilt before all the evidence is collected automatically puts you at fault.   It's worse if you say it's your fault in front of a police officer.  They must report the admitted guilt.

Do take photos of both vehicles, and gather insurance and driver information for the other victim or victims of the accident.

Don't decline medical assistance.  If you have internal injuries, you may not know until hours later.  This could also created health issues days or weeks later, so get checked out for whiplash and internal injuries, not just external injuries.

Do call the police.  The police can file a report and determine if someone had a traffic violation which caused the accident.  Think of it this way, if someone caused an accident by their actions, and it's not reported by police, they can get away with it again the next time.  You will be keeping menaces off the roadways with your diligence.

Finally, make sure you process the claim as soon as possible with your insurance company.  Waiting could cost you what you are owed, not only in repairs, but healthcare from injuries as well.

Drive safely and always watch out for the other drivers.  You never know what they'll do.

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