A guest was tackled by a hoard of women while their young children watched on.

An Instagram video of the fight was recently shared by user @santaanaproblems after it was originally posted by @715.layla_. The beating took place on the Pixar Pier inside Disney's California Adventure theme park.

The video begins with at least four women surrounding another woman who they hit and forced to the ground. All while they are beating her, three young children are in the crowd of hands flying before they step slightly to the side. Two strollers were also nearby, though it is unclear if additional children were seated in those as well.

Seconds later, one of the children runs out of the shot while another unidentified woman with a stroller walked up to the women surrounding the single woman on the ground and seemingly joined in by slapping the apparently injured woman.

Another bystander ran up and yelled to the crowd of women, "Leave her alone! Leave her alone." She then tries to help the woman on the ground stand. One of the alleged assailants told the bystander that the woman on the ground "started hitting us, so how about that?"

It is unclear if security intervened or if there was a police report was filed for the incident. However, Disney in the past has given patrons life time bans for violent behavior similar to this.

Watch the scary moment, below.

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