It's kind of ironic that the last time I chilled with the boys of AJR, we were in the middle of a beautiful summer and they were performing at a local water park. We were wearing tank tops and tons of sunscreen.

In case you have never heard of these boys, their band name is the first letter of each of their names: Adam, Jack, and Ryan. These brothers started off making their first songs in their living room.

Their latest single, "Dear Winter," was originally released in April of this year. However, they re-released the song with adjustments to the production quality and a bit more emotion in the vocals as "Dear Winter 2.0."

For the most part, I want to like this song, mostly because I love these guys. They are talking about all the things of winter that I don't look forward to. In case you didn't get a chance to hear it on the air, take a listen now:

The song does show off the talents of these brothers and I can totally see myself relaxing during one of our inevitable snowstorms this season and wonder why these boys wrote this.

My opinion doesn't matter. What do you think of this open letter song to winter from the boys of AJR? Is it wicked good, or totally whack?

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