It's that time of year again, high school and college graduations!

Graduation, whether it be high school or college, is a really exciting time in someone's life! It's the culmination of a ton of studying, late nights, early mornings, homework, papers, projects and most of all hard work! Every graduate deserves to be recognized and honored in a big way...with their diploma of course, but they should be recognized in other ways too! Here's some ideas on what to get for the graduate in your life!

  1. Money- The easiest and most obvious gift is money.  Whether you're heading into college, or just got done, chances are you're not quite at baller every little bit helps!
  2. Frame or Photo Album- The graduate in your life is about to make many memories when they are off at college...or maybe they already did and have captured them in photos.  Keep the great memories forever in a photo book or a nice frame.  Extra bonus points if you add a special touch to it like an engraving!
  3. For The Reader In Your Life- Books!- There are some great books out there about what to do after graduation.  After 4+ years of college, sometimes the future seems scary!  This is a way to ease that fear just a bit!  Look for "Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(ish) Steps" or "I Just Graduated...Now What?"
  4. Laptop or Messenger Bag- They'll need something nice to carry around their laptop and supplies for continuing school or work...and sometimes nice bags can be pricey, help em out!
  5. Buy Them Something You Know They Can't Afford Themselves- This one is something I did myself for a recent graduate in my life.  A friend of mine graduated from college and we always chatted about girly things together, like makeup and pocketbooks.  Well, she would always say she couldn't afford 'nice' makeup or any of the pricey brands, because she's paying for school.  I knew she'd love to have some of the fancier brands, so I splurged on a few things for her as a nice surprise!  She loved it, yay!
  6. Don't Forget The Card!- Get them a nice card, telling them how proud of them you are!  Finishing school on any level is important and a fabulous life achievement, all the grads deserve recognition for their hard work!

Congratulations to everyone who is part of the Class of 2014!!