If your house is like my house then perhaps you have started to notice these creepy brown bug hovering on your window screens. Here's what you need to know about stink bugs.

My family and I are lucky enough to have a huge backyard and a fair bit of woods behind our house.

Is it great for privacy, having big family get-togethers on warm days and of course just running around outside.

But it is terrible for bugs.

I am not a bug person. They do not interest me at all. I want to stay away from them and have them stay away from me, but that is sadly not reality.

Bugs and insects are everywhere. And certain ones seems to thrive in certain seasons.

Well this seems to be the season of the stink bug and boy are these gross guys loving my house right now.

Seems like every time I go to look out a window, one of these creepers is hanging onto the screen. And flicking them away isn't going to keep them away.

I had to do some searching when the stink bugs started showing up last week and learned that once one stink bug finds you, they are all going to find you.

Seems these bugs use their stinky scent to tell other stink bugs they found a good place to hunker down for the winter and have some babies. So if they think that is yours place, look out.

Luckily stink bugs do absolutely no damage to your home and do not bite humans or transmit any kind of disease.

But they are gross if you ask me and if you squish them they do in fact stink.

Experts say to kill any stink bugs you find outdoors. And apparently leave the bodies for other stink bugs to find. That way they'll get the message to stay away.

You can also repel them naturally with mint or lure them away from your house with buckets of soapy water.

Of course with the mosquito concerns on the SouthCoast, standing buckets of water are probably not what you want in your yard.

Other ways to keep the stink bugs at bay are removing old plants from gardens (these guys love tomatoes), seal up any cracks around your windows or even use fly paper on the window sills to trap them.

I found this site very helpful for tips on getting rid of these terrible stink bugs.

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