You're driving down Tarkiln Hill Road in New Bedford and you spot this sign. What's your initial response?

If you thought someone misspelled a word or was playing a prank on you, you're wrong.

The sign reads the following:


Alright, Palace Pizza, I'll admit, you've piqued my interest on this one.

So, I did what any "Curious George" would do: I placed a phone call over to the North End Palace Pizza. Not going to lie, I sounded like a fool trying to pronounce the word Gochujang, and still to this moment can't come to terms with the correct pronunciation.

It turns out that it was not a misspelled word, typo, grammatical mistake or prank, but in fact a new type of sauce.

"It's a sweet chili-base sauce," an employee told me over the phone. "We use it on our chicken and replace the pizza red sauce with the Gochujang and then add cheese, jalapenos, pineapples and bacon."

*Insert Drooling Emoji Here*

If you're someone like myself who enjoys a bit of some tasty "sweet heat," then this sounds like a home run. Looks like the next step is giving it a shot, because after all, there's really no such thing as bad pizza and this Gochujang sauce is calling out to my tastebuds.

#PizzaIsLife #Gochujang

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